AC/DC - 'Logos' Stickker-Gram Stickers

Product code: ACSGLG1
Postcard size sheet of Stickers

Vintage and very rare AC/DC - 'Logos' Stickker-Gram Stickers

These Stickker-Grams are postcard size and have a place for a stamp on the back. There are 8 glossy logos on the card that can be peeled off and used as individual stickers. They are marked 'Copyright 1984 LEIDSEPLEIN PRESSE' and were manufactured by FREEZZ FRAME in California ​​​​​

Although they were made many years ago, they are in very good condition for their age, although after so many years we're not sure how well the glue will work!

Size = 153mm x 102mm

Product Code ACSGLG1